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Carnivals (Live)

Improvised Wikipedia
Carnivals (Live)

Carnal means “flesh”.

It’s another live episode, and like all great live episodes, THERE WERE AUDIO ISSUES, but it’s a fun episode, so just go with it.

Turns out Glen and Jon get argumentative when there’s an audience.

Sister Agnes isn’t a nun anymore.

You can’t juggle in the same town forever, so you gotta take that show on the road.

Glen’s catholic elementary school has a carnival every year and he won’t shut up about it.

Jon fundamentally misunderstands how to organize a carnival.

Carnies have fun names.

Steve Dorney ran a carnival but got tired and started Dorney Park.

Which came first: Funnel or funnel cake? It’s a very good question and you’re wrong to be dismissive of it.

Wikipedia things people call carnivals “travelling funfairs” but nobody has ever said that, but Jon doesn’t believe in traveling carnivals.