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Crab Fluff (Live at the Baltimore Podcast Festival)

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Crab Fluff (Live at the Baltimore Podcast Festival)

Crab fluff isn’t a marshmallow-based disgusting sandwich orĀ is it?

We recorded this live at the Baltimore Podcast Festival

Jon was determined to turn Baltimore against us

Okay but like if it were a sandwich, it would be marshmallow fluff, blue crab that just fertilized some eggs, and Old Bay Seasoning on Martin’s Potato Bread that was invented on a boat in 1979

We may have been lied to that “crab fluff” is even a thing

Old Bay Seasoning sales are 14% of the Baltimore economy

Martin’s Potato Bread is the most Baltimore of the breads

Check out our new friends at The City That Breeds podcast who lied to us about this thing existing