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Recumbent Bicycles

Improvised Wikipedia
Recumbent Bicycles

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Recumbent bicycles are the Squatty Potties of bicycles.

Glen didn’t die on the way home from recording this episode like he thought he might.

Recumbent bicycles have real, measurable advantages over traditional bicycles and are great for the environment, but boy howdy do they make you look like a real dinkus.

Ed Begley Jr. loves these things (we think?)

That Dyson vacuum guy invented them probably.

Evan Williamson freakin’ really loves these things. Rides ’em all day. He 100% exclusively rides recumbent bicycles because he’s a secure individual who doesn’t care how much of a doofus he looks like.

Glen and Jon disagree on whether two people can do sex on a recumbent bicycle, but both agree you can’t fuck on the Sun.