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Improvised Wikipedia

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The wheel would be nothing without inclined planes. (This was cut from the episode but was worth stating publicly).

Justin Passino joins us this week.

If you melt a candy bar in a diaper it lookies like dookie. This is a game at baby showers. We ain’t talkin’ baby showers.

Baths before showers, never glowers. Showers before baths, angry maths.

Roman emperors flushed their dookie down a hole.

A shower is water falling above you for the purpose of getting clean.

You gotta shower more if you got hamfeet.

Waterfalls have secrets.

Baths are the original stinkpuddles.

2/3’s of the people on this show endorse shower beers but 3/3 support shower seltzer.

Showers are not a place. Showers are a state of mind.

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