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Tiger Sharks (Live at SteelStacks Improv Festival)

Improvised Wikipedia
Tiger Sharks (Live at SteelStacks Improv Festival)
photo by the wonderful Chip Beaupre

Goofus, Bitey, and Side-Eyeballs were the Street Sharks. Bitey was the tiger shark.

Tiger sharks live in the pacific ocean but also sometimes on the land. That’s why nobody expects to be attacked by a shark in the jungle.

Kingdom: Animalea
Phylum: Sharkey
Order: Cheetera
Family: Street Sharks
Genus: Teethy
Species: Stripey Bite Fish

Tiger sharks ranges between 2.5′ to 3.5′ feet long and weight some kilograms but nobody knows what a kilogram actually weighs.

Tiger sharks could stop swimming, but they choose not to.

There are only 12 reported tiger shark attacks per year, but there are really over 300 because tiger sharks are very stealthy.

They’re jealous of great whites.